| Africa Sustainable Investment Forum is an independent, pan-African, not-for-profit network, knowledgebase and advocate promoting investment in sustainable development across the continent launched in June 2010.  The Project is run by volunteers building a network of institutions and individuals promoting sustainable investment in Africa by investors in public, private and philanthropy sectors across asset classes, countries and stakeholders from our platform @ is run by a virtual volunteer team building a network of investment people in Africa. We are pro-Africa and pro-sustainable investment, sharing ideas and activities to promote sustainable investment. As a member-driven organization, we will encourage the growth of the investment systems in Africa. is a
new, strategic step in facilitating investment in Africa that purposefully integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. defines "sustainable investment" as: "an approach to investment in any asset class in Africa where environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are proactively integrated at any stage of the investment life cycle for positive impact." 

Connecting people who make investment decisions in Africa is a key benefit of We will develop new research, for example the Trends Report Project 2011-2013, a sustainable investment benchmarking survey to be conducted every two years. We will collect other research to put in the public domain. Through our events and advocacy will encourage investors in Africa to promote sustainable development of our beautiful continent and its people.

If you are part of making investment decisions in/into Africa, we invite you to join us in advancing our mission at one of our networking events.

Siyaya phambili! is registered in South Africa as a non-profit company with members, as defined in the South Africa Companies Act, 2008. Africa Sustainable Investment Forum was registered on 20 March 2013 under registration number 2013/047927/08 with the Companies Intellectual Property Commission of South Africa. As resources become available, we are seeking to be registered as a not-for-profit in other countries where investment centres dealing with Africa operate, and within administrative constraints, in other African countries. Where practical and legally permissible, may register in other African countries, in support of our mission and to execute our program of activities.

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