Acknowledgements thanks you...

Any initiative as ambitious as ours would never be possible without the support and energy of many good people inside and outside Africa and the investment industry. While we are sure to miss a few names of the many people who have encouraged us, supported us, hosted us and debated us, thank you to these people listed below. It matters that you helped us along the way.

Elsine Van Os. Melissa Davis. Rachel Crossley. Christian Lee Hansen. Jane Nelson. Catherine Howarth. David St Maur Shell. Wai-Shin Chan. Kristin Lang. Zaiga Strautmane. Cheryl Hicks. Malcolm Gray.  Cecilia Bjerborn. Guiseppe van der Helm. Meg Voorhees. Fran Teplitz. Jacqueline Chu. Kaili Mauricio. Tanweer Ali. Adam Siegel. Kerry Kilcullen Sinclair.  JP Fourie. Stephen Hine. Megan Clayton. Ayodeji Adewunmi. Anthony Miller. Rita Fortunato Baptista. Robert Tice Lalka. Michael McHarg. Megan Haas. Robin Miller. Sonia Kowal Wildash. Max Oliva. Yaa Bruce. Tiani Jimenez. Alfred Lagu. Wayne Visser. Jacqualine Rubbo. Marlene Hesketh. John Dutton. Gordon Noble. Craig Wilkinson. Grant Little. Nontwazana Cundu. Heena Chakravorti. Regine Webster. Jim Schorr. Michael Gresty. Corinna Bordewick. Tim Reed. Rob Leclerc. Scott Shuster. Gordon Noble. Mallika Paulraj. Marilou van Golstein. Barnaby Marsh. Andre van Heemsta. Marta Oliver. Max Oliva. Ajay Nair. Jonathon Hanks, Courtney Schoon, Stephen Lydenberg. Cecilia Bjerborn. Leon Campher. E. Brooke Whitaker. Melissa Brown. Peter DiSimone. Lisa Woll. Kristin Lang. Meg Voorhees. Safia Hachicha. Duncan Paterson. Preeti Sinhal. Karen Brennan. Cameron Grant. Sheena Stewart. Tim Turner. Maria Xiao. Jon Duncan. Craig Courtney. Jay Naidoo. JP Fourie. Corli Le Roux. Mervyn King. Lianna Pagnotta. Lorraine Meaker. Candice Meyer.

...and many others.
Thank you.