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WORKSPACE ESG Masterclass Cape Town 5 September 2012

Verbatim responses to the question [Aug-Sep 2012; n=35]:

"Why do you think - and its mission of promoting sustainable investment in Africa - matters?"

Due to the growth of Africa and it's attraction to the sovereign states - sustainable investment must be a criterion for Africa especially with the non-interference policy of China.

Ensures that the investment community is focusing on some of the most crucial development and resource issues in South Africa

For the sake of Africa and overcome its economic problems

It matters because it helps to foster job creation and economic growth. It also helps to build a positive image of the continent.

Africa holds so much promise but needs help to get things on track.

ESG is important to us.

Just look at what has happened to the mining sector recently, on the back of undervaluing social issues in the investments there massive social value has been destroyed. African investments are precarious.

Sustainability should matter, otherwise we will not have a future. As Africans, we should stand together to make it happen.

I think it is a good opportunity for Africa to have this kinds of organisation and it is also good especially in matter of resection when some country of Africa sub-Saharan are in crisis situation some time they just miss this kind of institution to look for advice and to know what to do and in which field to invest their money. can play an important role in helping Africa grow sustainably across the supply chain

Africa is still untapped market offering  growth opportunities

Because ESG issues have long-term impact on the value of investments.

It is important to sustain Africa's natural resources and in turn climate. We need to leverage climate friendly energy sources.

It is important to ensure a sustainable futur not for Africa alone, but for the global human society as well

Sustainable business is built on the back of good governance and sounds environmental and social practices.  By creating a network that encourages and educates capital providers to incorporate ESG into their investment process, nurtures sustainable businesses throughout the continent, which in turn attracts further capital.

It is an important lobby group


Please refer to my comments on AfricaSIF via the other registration provides a forum for the sharing of experience among responsible investors in Africa.

It matters from a legal and moral perspective.

Responsible investing is key for all retirement funds to consider especially when it translates to longer term sustainability and better returns for its members and beneficiaries. Boards are becoming more aware of this as legislation is expecting them to adhere to the fiduciary obligations. Its about better managing ones portfolio and giving back to the greater good.

Promotion of sustainable investment in Africa is the backbone to the development of the continent and its people.

It is essential to create awareness around ESG integration. It is important that asset owners integrate ESG into asset allocation and investment decisions as this will ensure financial resources are allocated towards sustainable companies/projects, hence creating sustainable economies in Africa.

Sharing ideas and driving investment into sustainable projects in Africa can assist Africa in movnig away from aid dependence and towards self reliance.


Important tool that can be harnessed for social change.

Fostering a systems-related set of criteria for global ESG best practice underpins the shift from inequality to a direction of global leadership via the critical 're-evaluation' of value.

Sustainable investment is a catalyst to environmentally safe options and socially responsible investments. Recent studies also indicate that ESG matters are material in growing shareholder value.

sustainable investing needs to have a more coordinated approach in order to give it weighting in the minds of investors

It is an important enabler of sustainable investment practice on the African continent Africa has unlimited investment opportunities.

Investors are at the head of the sustainability game from an economic growth and development perspective - their responsible environmental investment is crucial to the success of the planet

Africa financial market needs a unifying platform where local and international investors could converge periodically to explore investment opportunities while simultaneously building a strong network of educated and enlightened investors, and is already bridging that gap.
Sustainable investment is the way forward for the industry.

We have finite resources in the world and needs to manage it properly

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