AfricaSIF is the beneficiary of good news spreading fast! Within 24 hours of our invitations to the 9 June JSE launch event 1 going out we have had congratulations from as far afield as Sydney, Port Louis, Paris, New York and London to our efforts.

Most unusual news came from the newswire dedicated to sustainability stories, CSRwire, based in the US. We heard from a friend of AfricaSIF working at the US Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] that Graham last saw at the EPA/Conference Board event in New York City. News from friend in the US EPA [who wasn't one of the team trying to sort the BP fumble in the Gulf of Mexico, which today "officially" was named a disaster] is that CSRwire featured AfricaSIF on their home page today , and the link goes into the CSRwire 'Our Pick' archives, which is here: Perhaps the best compliment we received was this comment: "I added it to my directory on CSRwire.  The AfricaSIF website is well done." Just wait until the next generation of the website launches in early September!

We were pleased also to hear this morning [afternoon their time] from sister organization Responsible Investment Association of Australasia [RIAA] - you will see them listed as one of the AfricaSIF stakeholders. RIAA does many more of the activities we have in the longer term vision for AfricaSIF as well as some of the core ones we intend doing from year one in 2010: building a network of practitioners, collating a knowledgebase on sustainable investment as well as conducting market benchmarking studies regularly, and advocating for greater use of ESG factors in investment decisions. The Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) is the "peak industry body for professionals working in responsible investment in Australia and New Zealand. Almost every financial adviser, fund manager and consultant working in responsible investment is a member of RIAA together with many other professionals who work towards similar goals". RIAA also helps individuals and organisations to learn more about how they can make investment choices that take environmental, social, ethical or governance issues into account as well as financial objectives

RIAA have evolved a novel approach to expanding the knowledgebase through an online certificate course in responsible investment. Online keeps carbon footprints and cash costs low, allows for managing of content, but may be a little more challenging initially. We look forward to hearing more about what RIAA is doing and look forward to good discounts for AfricaSIF members to this online training in H2 2010. AfricaSIF members can look forward to learning more training on sustainable investment soon.