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Investing for the future: Goldman Sachs Asset Management (“GSAM”) on the importance of environmental, social and governance evaluation

Posted by AfricaSIF Project on Friday, March 2, 2012, In : Marketplace 

By Jim O’Neill and Dolores Bamford

Within the investment community, environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) evaluation has shifted from the margin to the mainstream.  Below, Jim O’Neill and Dolores Bamford address economic growth and opportunities in South Africa as well as the integration of ESG evaluation into the investment process.


Africa’s Growth Conditions by Jim O’Neill

More and more investors are increasingly focused on the opportunities...

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Promoting Sustainable Investment in Africa

Posted by AfricaSIF Project on Thursday, September 2, 2010, In : Marketplace 
GUEST BLOGGER: Andrew C. Canter, Chief Investment Officer, Futuregrowth Asset management

“Sustainability” is a big, far reaching word: So one has to start at
the top, and drill down.

Capital, whether seeking economic and/or social gains is attracted to
factors that are inherently good for the overall economy.  First, a
sustainable economy must have an educated, productive and

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How big will Responsible Investing become?

Posted by AfricaSIF Project on Saturday, May 29, 2010, In : Marketplace 
It’s exciting to see the growth in demand for SRI branded funds in the recent past. Responsible Investor reports that SRI assets in France jumped by more than 70% in the year 2009. “SRI retail asset growth was highest at 111% growth over the year to reach €15.6bn”. Phenomenal growth, considering the European and French economies were just dragging themselves out of a recession. “The institutional rise came despite the absence of any large mandates in the market in 2009” reports RI...
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