In this month's McKinsey Quarterly, Tim Knapp, Ben Richardson and Shrey Viranna informed readers of what they believed where the three most promising healthcare delivery approaches in Africa. The authors assert that a model comprised of local health officers, telemedicine and mobile clinics would effectively solve the access to health care problem at low costs. The Africa Sustainable Investment Forum believes that in a region where women face 100 times the risk of maternal mortality than women in developed nations, these comprehensive approaches are crucial in ensuring the future of these nations.

            As one of the main components of this approach, the authors suggest hiring professionally trained local health workers who would have a manageable amount of patients. The second component involves using telemedicine to increase access to healthcare. The authors propose the creation of call centers staffed by clinical officers, nurses and doctors that would provide clinical support to health professionals on the field. The third component is the use of mobile health clinics to deliver the necessary tools, medicines and supplies. This will ultimately help remove transportation barriers for many remote communities.

             These components, however, must be implemented correctly in order to ensure that the project is sustainable and successful. For example, the local health workers cannot be volunteers but must be paid competitive salaries.  Interventions should be on schedule so that both field workers and patients can benefit from teleconferences with the doctor in charge. Finally, mobile health clinic routes should be planned and advertised ahead of time to maximize access and the amount of time spent on each patient.   

            AfricaSIF works to promote sustainable investments in Africa such as this one which promotes social growth through health care, vocational training and economic development. To learn more about sustainable investments such as this one and for more information on joining the Africa Sustainable Investment Forum please do not hesitate to contact us.  

- CR