You'll find below the personal explanation from Nina Corynne Dongkeng (one of AfricaSIF's interns) on why AfricaSIF matters.

 "This is not a secret! The 21st Century and especially the past three years have dramatically affected the world, and the human condition … leaving each of us face-to-face with our responsibilities, our fears, our devils. Indeed, it seems that the following negative events - global financial crisis, swine flu, and more recently earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and Taiwan, war in Congo…- are desperately trying to rivet the world’s attention on the human disasters. An urgent worldwide “wake- up” call is needed!

In a world mostly ruled by the capitalism, it is good to keep some human breath inside the "money world"... it is good to bring responsible investment all around the world and why not in Africa. Everybody knows that sustainable investment is
truly one of the best ways to reinforce the African strategic position amongst the international community. But for most African countries, it is still seen as luxury instead of being democratized.
We need to support AfricaSIF in achieving its noble mission: Provide Africa with responsible investing practices which take into account environmental, social and corporate governance factors. 

Yes! A new day has come for the African economy. By joining the AfricaSIF network and participating in its
events, you gain a ticket into a great financial crusade and the exceptional opportunity to interact with thinkers, dreamers... real leaders!

As the
first official launch event went well last month, the AfricaSIF team is proud to show the world that breaking the barriers is the best way to achieve what was originally supposed to be just an “IMPOSSIBLE DREAM”. Ecological , social, corporate governance behaviors must be taught and demonstrated in order to prove to this and future generations how we can work together to change Africa into a better place, every day. Together, let us share and live with a responsible vision of the investment all around the world and especially in the “overlooked continent”.

In order to fulfill AfricaSIF’s mission, your moral, financial, and technological
support is gladly welcome. Together, we will be able to make a positive impact in society. But mostly, we need your “love support” just the way actors of this organization are putting all their love to make this big undertaking happen.

Africa is moving on, so be ready to catch the AfricaSIF train!

- NCD"