AfricaSIF has brought together a community of individuals committed to sustainable development on the African continent. Though the team stretches across the globe and brings together professionals with widely diverse backgrounds, each team member understands the urgent necessity for socially responsible investment in Africa and believes that AfricaSIF will be an important catalyst for positive change.  

As shown on the earlier post, this week you'll be able to read some testimonials from team members on why AfricaSIF
matters to them:

  • A think tank of professionals that dedicate their time and skill to advocate sustainable development (capital, infrastructure, education etc.) to meet the continents imperatives by providing thought leadership on ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) issues.” – Loyiso Mabece, ASISA (Association for Savings & Investment South Africa)
  •  "My past work and academic experience showed me the important role informed investing plays within international development. AfricaSIF creates a space where investors and practitioners can communicate and make responsible investment decisions, which will ultimately lead to more sustainable development." - Cathy Richards, MPA 2010, Monterey Institute of International Studies
  • "AfricaSIF is a builder of Africa showcasing its potential, establishing and projecting its attractive form, through amongst others high quality data, an essential ingredient for sustainability to thrive.” - Mandisa Zungu, OMIGSA, Cape Town, South Africa
  • "Through my previous work experience, I have become passionate about both economic development in Africa and sustainable investing. The AfricaSIF Project merges these interests in a unique way, and I am confident that the project will contribute to increasing both the quantity and quality of investment on the continent for years to come.” – Kelly Knorr, MBA 2010, Haas School at UC-Berkeley 
- BP