AfricaSIF has brought together a community of individuals committed to sustainable development on the African continent. Though the team stretches across the globe and brings together professionals with widely diverse backgrounds, each team member understands the urgent necessity for socially responsible investment in Africa and believes that AfricaSIF will be an important catalyst for positive change.  
As explained in an earlier post, this week you'll be able to read testimonials on why AfricaSIF matters to some of AfricaSIF's team members and partners:
  •  "In order for sustainable investment to be a reality in Africa, transparency, collaboration and knowledge-sharing will be essential: this is what AfricaSIF offers. It is a multi-faceted resource that clearly articulates the value proposition of investment in Africa."Matt Stephenson, MBA Candidate 2011, The Wharton School of Business
  • "AfricaSIF is important because it is playing an integral role in connecting sustainable capital with sustainable investment. Africa's development depends on this type of approach." Hylton Brown, Fundamental Solutions, Cape Town, South Africa
  •  "Sustainability- oriented investing is rapidly making its way to the core of investment thinking in many parts of the world, but has been slow to reach African shores where it can do the most good for people and precious natural resources. Africa's competitiveness may surpass all expectations if we are able to unleash sustainable investing on the continent. AfricaSIF finally brings the information and networks to make it happen." Louise Gardiner
  •  AfricaSIF facilitates the integration of ESG factors in Africa investments ensuring that progressive businesses and ideas are rewarded with investment capital, thus accelerating the pace of development in the region." - Ike Nwagbara, MIFFT 2010, London Business School
  •  "I strongly believe that through its mission to promote the systematic inclusion of environmental, social, and governance dimensions in the investment process; as well as through its Network / Knowledgebase / Advocacy structure, AfricaSIF will positively contribute to our continent's sustainable development." - Roselyne Yao, Research Analyst, JPS Global Investments, San Francisco, CA
Hope you'll join our AfricaSIF community.
- BP