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What people are saying about
"Congratulations on the's a fantastic initiative." - Fund Manager, African royal nation asset owner.

"AfricaSIF sounds great. It can be magnet to attract the different pieces of the African sustainable investment ecosystem together." - African finance specialist, development bank, Tunis, Tunisia

"Good luck with the launch of this forum!" - Responsible investment research analyst, Cape Town, South Africa

“I think the AfricaSIF is a very good idea.” - Managing Director, Investment Management, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Good luck with the program.” - Leading CSR academic, Boston, USA

"Good luck with the project. I think it is an important initiative". - UN-backed international institutional investor initiative secretariat member, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“I hope it is a great success.” - Africa sustainability program director for world-class English university, Cape Town, South Africa

“Raising the profile, and directing capital towards, sustainable and responsible African businesses will contribute directly to the continent's future prosperity.” - Sustainable investment consultant, London, UK

Congratulations to Graham and colleagues for this impressive event. - University Professor, Geneva, Switzerland

Investment is one of the biggest drivers of economic growth, but Africa economic growth has been hindered by social, political and environmental challenges. If foreign and local investment can address these challenges in a sustainable way, Africa will be set on a new and exciting development growth path. The creation of the AfricaSIF is an important vehicle through which environmental, social and corporate governance [ESG] factors can be integrated into investment, kick-starting a new and more equitable system of wealth creation on the continent. - Consultant, Africa consulting practice, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Its a great idea, congratulations!” - ESG research specialist, Zurich, Switzerland

“This is so exciting and a brilliant concept. AfricaSIF has a lot of interesting, relevant information.” - Socially responsible investment professional, Cape Town, RSA

“AfricaSIF will achieve some key things if it is successful: Increase accountability, Reduce poverty. Increase entrepreneurship. This is what sustainable investment could achieve for Africa.” - Sustainability specialist, Stockholm, Sweden

“This makes sense.” - Director , billion-dollar philanthropic foundation, Philadelphia, USA

“AfricaSIF sounds great. Keep me posted.” - Chief Investment Officer, Social Investment Firm, New York City, USA

“AfricaSIF enables our work in Africa. Proper management of ESG risks is at the very core of the private equity value proposition in emerging markets. GPs have a fiduciary obligation to understand their investments and the most effective way to add value; this cannot be done without ESG oversight.” - Portfolio Manager, Private Equity firm, Singapore

“Well done! Bloody brilliant!” - Client Manager, Private Equity firm, London, UK

“There is probably nowhere in the world where it is as important to have an active sustainable investment association as Africa. AfricaSIF will play an important role in building the confidence of institutional investors to make long term commitments to invest in Africa…establish the right conditions for sustainable economic growth and poverty alleviation.” - Responsible Investment advisor, Sydney, Australia

“I loved the idea and am impressed by the progress you have made!” - Investment Analytics Professional, Boston, USA

“First and foremost, I applaud the cause that you are embracing. More sustainable finance and responsible investment no doubt would make a significant contribution to African development.” - Former executive, global company, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“AfricaSIF fills an integral role in making sustainability a permanent part of investing and I appreciate the value of an African investment network run by individuals with real African experience.” - Head of Marketing, Asset Consulting, Cape Town, RSA

“AfricaSIF will bring out the win-win proposition of sustainable investment - it is good for Africa’s development as well as good for investor returns. AfricaSIF is good for Africa; and good for investors.” - Sustainability specialist, international financing and development institution, Washington DC, USA

“Africa represents one of next great global investment frontiers. Yet, it continues to suffer from serious poverty, corruption and environmental degradation. Organisations like AfricaSIF, which are promoting consideration of environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities, will play a crucial role in ensuring that the impending investment boom is a force for good on the continent.” - CEO, International CSR organization, Cambridge, UK

“You are pulling together something wonderful” - NPR Producer and Journalist, New York City, USA

“AfricaSIF will bring together afro-optimists across the spectrum of the investment industry to help answer this question and to encourage practical action to further sustainable investment in the region. I am excited about the AfricaSIF initiative that you are driving forward and would be willing to play a role.” - African sustainable investment fund, Port Louis, Mauritius and Cape Town, South Africa

"This is an interesting and important project. Great to see you and Kelebogile taking the initiative for it. Due to my own connections to Egypt I would have loved to be involved." - Index Manager, Sustainability ratings and index firm, Zurich, Switzerland

"I think that it is an excellent idea, and I am sure that it will work well". - Managing Director Fund Management Company, Geneva, Switzerland