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Fund an AfricaSIF project

Your contribution can directly fund an AfricaSIF project. AfricaSIF has identified a number of current or future projects which match our mission. Potential future projects will be any project that helps to increase the knowledge about ESG in investment in Africa that builds the network of practice of investment in Africa, and develops awareness, advocacy and policy tools. Most projects will require direct or indirect funding from AfricaSIF and partnership with existing organizations or companies will fund the research or engagement, similar to the models adopted in the US and Europe.

Your funding will help us move forward.

Future work of AfricaSIF will seek to complement existing and ongoing efforts in sustainable finance that impact Africa, ranging from UN initiatives to business councils to investor coalitions to work of sister SIFs in America, Europe and Australasia, for example regional development banks such as the African Development Bank are trying to build local environments in which entrepreneurs can flourish. If you like the opportunity AfricaSIF offers, there are 5 ways to support AfricaSIF in 2011 using your financial, reputational and/or social capital:

  1. Funding: deploying your social or financial capital to underpin our 2 year launch phase and toward sustainable organization structure from year 3. Specific fundable projects are:
    • AfricaSIF logistics [telecommunications, website]
    • AfricaSIF Marketplace Survey 2011
    • AfricaSIF events [Q2 2010 - Q 4 rolling launch, webinars, annual AfricaSIF Conference 2012]
  2. Membership: our network will flourish based on the active input of members to build the AfricaSIF community. Members - whether individuals or institutions - can be based anywhere, as long as they in some way are part of investment decisions in Africa: Join as charter member in June 2010 - submit your membership candidacy today. Invite and introduce candidate members outside/inside Africa.
  3. Reports: contribute research papers to our library for members and broader network, including investment research no longer regarded as proprietary or premium but still useful to the broader membership.
  4. Events: support our rolling launch by promoting and/or co-hosting live or virtual launch events in major cities in Europe; contemporary debates on the investment case for Africa, and choosing to support our planned annual AfricaSIF Conference.
  5. Services: a network across Africa requires some basic professional services including operational, financial, legal and marketing. We welcome secondments of staff or dedicated project teams allocated to supporting some part of our work.