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1 page for report + data needed

2. Global Sustainable Investments (6 pages)
Investment Strategies (2 pages)
-    Figure/Table 1: Size of Global Sustainable Investment Market (US$ trillion)
-    Figure 2: Size of Global Assets by Strategy (US$ trillion)
-    Figure 3: Regional Contribution to Individual Strategy (US$ trillion or %)

Discuss total figures, individual strategies, highlight differences across regions

 Investment Characteristics (2 pages)
-    Figure 4: Asset Allocation
-    Figure 5: Investor Type (Institutional/Retail or Asset Manager/Asset Owner)

Discuss asset allocation figures, type of investors (this depends on what information is available across regions).

Focus: Shareholder Stewardship across Regions (2 pages)

Discuss/Illustrate what shareholder stewardship and responsible share ownership means across regions. Highlight cultural (legal) differences, and argue that many different approaches to responsible share ownership can be seen. Regions can learn from each other, and this is also important in light of the increased internationalisation of share ownership. If asset owners are to engage across regions, they need to understand local practices and culture.

3. Regional Highlights (7 pages)
Each region has one page to summarize their own market(s) characteristics/highlight unique features/illustrate trends.

Africa (1 page)
[11/9/12 11:14:55 AM] Graham Sinclair: 5. Global and Regional Trends (2 pages?)
Discuss/summarise global trends based on regional contributions and make some predictions.

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7 November 2012