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The Diverse People of Africa, Nielsen April 2012 

The Nielsen Emerging Market Insights Study provides an in-depth understanding of African markets and consumers. The study is based on face-to-face surveys from a sample of 5,000 urban and peri-urban residents between the ages of 15 and 45 across SEC groups A-E in and around key cities in seven Sub-Saharan African countries; Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. Five additional countries will be available mid-Q2 2012; Angola, Ghana, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. Findings from the study provide vital information into growth opportunities within the marketplace, insight into consumer attitudes that drive decisions on what African consumers watch and buy, and a fact-based understanding of how to reach consumers.

Sustainable Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa [PDF] 98 pages | © July 2011 IFC
Sustainable Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa Report 

Sustainable investment (SI) has a strong niche foothold in Sub-Saharan Africa, anchored in the region's largest investment market – South Africa. Yet more work is needed, at policy and portfolio levels, to grow this investment theme. This report recommends measures to expand SI in Sub-Saharan Africa. It forecasts that over the next five years there will be considerable growth of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations applied to investment in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria. While these three countries form the basis of the study, the lion's share of data and observations emerged from South Africa, which is home to the continent's most developed capital markets. 

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Sustainable Investment in the Middle East and North Africa Region Report [PDF] 157 pages | © January 2011 IFC |

Sustainable Investment - MENA  |  Sustainable Investment in the Middle East and North Africa is the first report measuring the amount of sustainable investment in the Middle East and North Africa. It assesses current levels of sustainable investment awareness, practices, and demand in the region and finds that while current volumes are small, there is scope for much greater sustainable investment in the region. The report also identifies opportunities to increase the flow of sustainable investment funds to the region and develop this increasingly important market segment. 

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Corporate Governance in MENA Countries, Hawkamah, the Institute for Corporate Governance 2010


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Sub-Saharan Africa - South Africa: Corporate Governance, Beyond the Numbers - Corporate Governance in South Africa, Ahmed Motara and Gavin Grant, Deutsche Securities Inc., Deutsche Bank, 30 November 2007