People will grow with the vision and support of committed people active in investment in Africa. The people of do many things, but can most easily be described as members - individuals or institutions - making sustainable investment happen in private, public or philanthropy sectors. is pro-Africa, pro-sustainable investment, and member-driven. We seek to build networks across borders by encouraging thought leadership and action by pension fund trustees, investment analysts, portfolio managers, ESG specialists, legal advisors, investment strategists, portfolio managers and stock exchange product managers. Below we offer a small window into the kind of people active in today. The not-for-profit structure being designed by the project team will cover basic organizational criteria and frameworks to maximize effectiveness to generate a mission-driven organization for next-generation African investment practitioners. 

“Together, we can partner on behalf of our planet and prosperity and help countries increase access to power while skipping - leapfrogging - the dirtier phase of [invest]ment.” - Barack Obama, 44th president of USA address to parliament, Accra, Ghana, 11 July 2009 [link]

The project has purposefully started out with a core team working today in Africa or in the diaspora, seeking investment practitioner colleagues from North, South, West and East Africa. From the outset the project is pan-African. We are mindful that this initiative must be broader than one country. The statistics show that South Africa is the most advanced economy and investment market in Africa, especially for responsible investment, but major markets also include Kenya, Botswana, Ghana, Mauritius, Nigeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. AfricaSIF is purposefully pan-African, while reflecting the reality that South Africa provides “more than a third of the 48 sub-Saharan economies’ total GDP…(and is) sole member of the G20 group of influential countries and packs a punch in global diplomacy”. 

As we together build up the AfricaSIF community we will add other major business languages in Africa, notably French and Portuguese. This effort seeks to include all investment practitioners and policymakers around the continent.

Along the way, we acknowledge the help of many different people. Thank you.

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