Member Proposition

Why?           Leapfrogging Investment           Vision

Africa presents the opportunity for new approaches to new development; for our generation and the ones that rely on our wisdom today. As investment professionals and stakeholders in Africa in the twenty-first century, we hope you may join us on this journey.

Africa lacks a network of individuals and institutions to share learnings and make professional connections, to share best practices in sustainable investment and to promote investment in Africa.  How much investment flows into Africa each year? There is no scoreboard measuring the size of the sustainable investment assets under management (AuM) regularly and/or no report describing the barriers and opportunities, makes it hard to advocate strategically to private, public and philanthropy sectors for sustainable investment. 

We know stakeholders are trying to move forward ESG in investment decisions. The simple premise is that Africa's future is up to Africans. But the lack of communication and best practices are wasting time and money to meet Africa’s challenges in development today.

Barriers exist to investment, but especially investment that also values the people, biodiversity and 21st century transparency in public, private and philanthropy sectors. How may we move beyond barriers today? On the “demand side, the growing importance of local institutional investors, the returning wealth of the African Diaspora and increased international investor interest will be supportive factors. Infrastructure upgrades, better regulatory standards and more regional integration could bring these markets to a higher level”. will provide services and opportunities for our members to work together to align investment profitability with social and environmental responsibility.