Stakeholders & Partners benefits from the support and partnership from individuals and organizations. seeks mutually-beneficial, long-term relationships working with partners from diverse backgrounds and sourcing funds from individuals and institutions to ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of what we build.  The project has been made possible by the support of partners active in the investment value chain in Africa. 

See also Global SIFs CEO Summit page.

SIFs around the world

  • US SIF  USA  @followussif
    • The US Sustainable Investment Forum is the U.S. national nonprofit membership association for professionals, firms and organizations dedicated to advancing the practice and growth of socially responsible investing (SRI).  Critical to responsible investment practice is the consideration of environmental, social and corporate governance criteria in addition to standard financial analysis.  Forum members support SRI through portfolio selection analysis, shareholder advocacy and community investing.
  • UKSIF  UK  @uksif
    • UKSIF's aim is to ensure that the UK finance sector is the world leader in advancing sustainable development through financial services. We provide services and opportunities for our members to work together to align investment profitability with social and environmental responsibility.
  • EuroSIF  Europe
    • Eurosif (the European Sustainable Investment Forum) is a pan-European group whose mission is to Address Sustainability through Financial Markets. Current member affiliates of Eurosif include pension funds, financial service providers, academic institutes, research associations and NGO's. The association is a not-for-profit entity that represents assets totaling over €1 trillion through its affiliate membership.
  • ASRIA Asia
    • The Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia. ASrIA is a not for profit, membership association dedicated to promoting corporate responsibility and sustainable investment practice in the Asia Pacific region. ASrIA's members include investment institutions managing over US$4 trillion in assets, however membership is open to any organisation which has an interest in sustainable investment. ASrIA's goal is to build market capacity for SRI. We provide insightful, up to date and accessible information on the development of SRI in Asia and globally. We have also become the platform for different sectors within the community to exchange information and perspectives on SRI, and to take practice forward.
  •   @africasif
    • is an independent, pan-African, not-for-profit network, knowledgebase and advocate promoting investment in sustainable development across the continent. Launched in June 2010, the Project is a volunteer-run team building a network of institutions and individuals promoting sustainable investment in Africa by investors in public, private and philanthropy sectors across asset classes, countries and stakeholders from our platform @
  • VBDO Dutch Social Investment Forum  The Netherlands  @vbdo
    • The Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) was launched in 1995. The VBDO aims at generating a more sustainable capital market by raising awareness both with multinational corporations and investors about the contributions they can make towards a sustainable capital market. The VBDO also formulates strong opinions on different topics related to sustainability. VBDO regularly carries out research and visits Annual General Meetings of stock listed companies and engages in an active dialogue with banks, insurance companies, media and stock listed companies. As such VBDO is the only association in the Netherlands representing institutional as well as individual sustainable investors.
  • Social Investment Organization (SIO) Canada  @
    • The Social Investment Organization (SIO) is a national membership-based organization that includes financial institutions, investment firms, financial advisors, and various organizations and individuals interested in socially responsible investment. The SIO's mandate is to promote the practice of socially responsible investment (SRI) in Canada. SRI is the integration of environmental, social and governance factors in the selection and management of investments.
  • Sweden's Forum for Sustainable Investment (SWESIF) Sweden
    • SWESIF is an independent, non-profit forum for organizations that work with, or promote sustainable investment (SRI) in Sweden. SWESIF encourages the exchange of cutting edge information, ideas, and experiences with socially-responsible investment (SRI). SWESIF supports network building among our members and other stakeholders. SWESIF contributes to setting the SRI agenda in Sweden and within the EU. SWESIF's ultimate objective is to promote finance as a catalyst for a more sustainable development.
  • Responsible Investment Association of Australia (RIAA)
    • RIAA galvanises the incredible commitment and achievements of the responsible investment sector in Australasia and promote the best interests of the industry to investors, the government, regulators, the media and the general public. Being a member is a vote of confidence in the future of responsible investment in Australasia.
  • FIR - Forum pour l’Investissement Responsable 
    • The French Social Investment Forum is a non-profit and multi-stakeholder organisation which brings together organisations and individuals interested in promoting SRI in France. Its main aims are to contribute to SRI public policy making, to support research initiatives in the field of SRI, to promote socially responsible and sustainable investment practices. The FIR’s members represent most of the actors of the SRI “industry” in France and include asset managers, investors, extra-financial information service providers & rating agencies, trade unions, academics and individuals interested in promoting the SRI business case. The FIR runs two major annual events: the SRI week in October; and the FIR European Awards “Finance & Sustainability”.
  • FNG – the German, Austrian and Swiss Sustainable Investment Forum  
    • FNG – the German, Austrian and Swiss Sustainable Investment Forum, was founded in 2001 by a number of companies and organisations in Berlin. The Forum's remit covers all German speaking countries (Austria, Germany, and Switzerland). The members of the Forum include renowned investment firms, alternative banks, financial brokers and advisors, rating agencies, scientific institutions, as well as innovative enterprises that borrow money on the green capital market. The main goal of the Forum is to expand and develop sustainable investment in the financial services industry, as well increasing the public's awareness on the topic. By supporting the notion of sustainability and achieving these goals, the Forum expects that the positive impact of these investments on society and the environment will be strengthened. FNG is the specialist association for sustainable investments in German speaking Europe. It counts banks, management companies, rating agencies, financial advisors, insurance companies, NGOs and scientific organizations among its more than 160 members. Since its foundation in 2001, FNG is committed to promoting a more sustainable approach to business within the finance industry. FNG is a founding member of the European Sustainable Investment Forum (Eurosif) and awards the transparency logo for sustainable funds.
  • Social Investment Forum Japan (SIF-Japan)   @japansif
    • Social Investment Forum Japan (SIF-Japan) was established in early 2001 to promote SRI in Japan. SIF-Japan is now a Not-for-Profit Organization(NPO).  SIF-Japan’s mission is to establish a social norm which supports investing in socially responsible companies, organizations, and projects, which in turn will be able to solve various social problems and develop SRI markets.  The volume of Japanese SRI markets is still a few hundred billion yen, which is extremely smaller than the US (more than two hundred trillion yen) and European (a few ten trillion yen) SRI market. Researching the reason for this discrepancy is one of our responsibilities.  SIF-Japan is also aiming to provide up-to-date information of CSR and SRI in overseas countries. One of the reasons for Japanese slow development of SRI could be the lack of communication among affected parties such as investors, asset managers, and research agencies. Western SIFs work as a catalyst to encourage that kind of communication and SIF-Japan intends to play a similar role.  JapanSIF has PRI as a member of PRI Network Supporter, supports the Natural Capital Declaration and theConvention on Corporate Sustainability Reporting. We have just released "2011 Review of Socially Responsible Investment Japan" This is the only report on the Japanese SRI market written in English.
  • SpainSIF   @spainsif
    • The Spanish Social Investment Forum , Spainsif, is a non-profit and multistakeholder organization created to promote the integration of Environmental, Social & Governance criteris into asset management policies in Spain, through multistakeholder dialogue and working for sustainable development. The official launch of the Spanish SIF took place in June 2009.
  • Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile  @ItaSIF
    • Italian Forum for Sustainable Finance (Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote a culture of social responsibility in the practice of financial investment in Italy. In its activities Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile interacts with the demand side (retail and institutional investors), the supply side (financial operators) and intermediaries (consultants and sales network) of financial markets, aiming to increase the amount of assets invested according to social responsibility criteria and to improve the effectiveness of this practice. Forum current programmes are: "Futuro di Valore": a long term programme with the mission of increasing the knowledge, the awareness and the ability to manage socially responsible investments by institutional investors. "Investire con i piedi per terra": a long term programme aiming at pointing out the best solutions to favor  the development of widespread sustainable and responsible financial products among retail investors. Lobby
  • Korea Sustainability Investing Forum (KoSIF)
  • Denmark Sustainable Investment Forum (DanSIF)


Stakeholders and Links is a stakeholder with organizations advancing sustainable investment in Africa. plays an active part in thinking on next generation investment integrating sustainability. Our thinking is developed through robust conversations and debates in networks covering trends in investment management and analysis of company environmental, social and corporate governance performance, including the niches of ESG, SRI, ethical and responsible investment. Some useful links to stakeholders include: 

  1. International Corporate Governance Network [ICGN]
  2. Social Investment Research Analyst Network [SIRAN]
  3. Carbon Disclosure Project [CDP]
  4. Principles for Responsible Investment [PRI]
  5. Bank Information Center
  6. Transparency International [TI]
  7. Association for Savings and Investment South Africa [ASISA]
  8. World Summit on Sustainable Development [WSSD]
  9. Forum for the Future [FTF]
  10. IFC Sustainable Investment Advisory [IFC]
  11. Investment Climate Facility [ICF]
  12. African Development Bank [AfDB]
  13. Global Reporting Initiative [GRI]
  14. Sustainable Finance Geneva [SFG]
  15. World Business Council for Sustainable Development [WBCSD]
  16. United Nations Environment Programme: Finance Initiative [UNEP FI]
  17. UN Conference on Trade and Development [UNCTAD]
  18. World Federation of Exchanges [WFE]
  19. Principal Officers Association [POA]
  20. Emerging markets Private Equity Association [EMPEA]
  21. Council on Foreign Relations Africa Program [COFR]
  22. Centre for Strategic & International Studies Africa Program [CSIS]
  23. NEPAD-OECD Africa Investment Programme
  24. OECD Development Centre [OECDDC]
  25. UN Economic Commission for Africa [UNECA]
  26. African Economic Outlook [AEO]
  27. Doing Business Rankings
  28. WEF Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI)
  29. Africa Index 
  30. Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic [AICD]
  31. Environmental for Development [EfD] 
  32. USAID Africa Success Stories
  33. South African Venture Capital Association [SAVCA]
  34. PBS Africa Series
  35. Africa Notes
  36. BBC World Service - Africa
  37. Norwegian Council for Africa
  38. RFI - Africa
  39. Xinhua News Africa
  40. Al Jazeera Africa
  41. African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories

“Africa is experiencing a profound demographic transition which will facilitate its economic take-off. This missing link – together with agricultural and natural resources factors, as well as an improving picture on social and political criteria – will support a major demographic dividend which could drive African growth through to 2050”

- The Africa Factor: Challenges & opportunities for European companies, SG Research November 2008, Societe Generale Group, Sarbjit Nahal, Co-head of SRI  and Veronique Riches-Flores, Chief Economist Europe, SGAM Societe Generale Asset Management [France].