Trends 2011-2013 Project Management


Project Management
Research Launch
Framework - Design
Framework - Peer Review
Data ask
Data clean
Peer review
Report Launch Events (Africa / Global) 
Report Marketing/Exposure
Project Summary
Project Close


UPDATE 14 - 28 September 2013: REVISED LAUNCH DATE

Based on progress, we have scheduled for the launch date 6 November 2013 adjacent the Thomson Reuters Trading Africa conference in Cape Town, South Africa, with other launch events and webinar to follow. Check back to stay posted.

19th Framework Design
24th Peer Review Framework
28th Framework Complete
30th Media Release
30th Data Ask Inception

Weekly meetings with partners
14th Data Clean Inception
27th Data Ask Close
27th Data Analysis Begins

4th Data Clean Ends
8th Analysis Peer Review
16th Analysis Re-Work
16th Draft 1 Ready
17th Peer Review Draft1
22nd Analysis Ends
25th Executive Summary Complete
26th Draft of Regional Report to Global SIF

5th Edit and Draft 2 ready
9th Deliver Draft
16th Final Feedback
19th Design and Publication

7th Publication Complete
8th Trends Report Launch
13th Report Marketing ensues

21st Project Close begins

3rd Project Summary
15th Project Close


April 2012

    Launch of Project Concept
    Finalization of global SIFs framework
    Recruitment of Project Team and Project Partners/Sponsors

July 2012
  • Confirmation of sponsors/research team 
  • Confirmation of research project team
  • Project plan and protocols

August 2012
  • Worksession: question set and framework
  • Briefing to Partner Group 1
  • launches primary research survey with partners
  • Media release
  • Begin secondary research review

September 2012
  • Begin data capture
  • Analysis begins
  • Report writing begins

October 2012
  • Writing Complete
  • Draft 1 ready
  • Peer review
  • Edit and Draft 2 ready
Oct 26
  • Draft regional Trends Reports be sent to Ian/SIO.

November 2012

  • Nov. 9
  • Ian/SIO (with help from Anders Nordheim) will write the draft global version of the Trends Report -- focusing on distinctive features of local markets.
  • Nov. 16
  • Local SIFs will provide final comments back to Ian.
  • Nov 19
  • Ian/SIO will send the final version to Louise O'Halloran/RIAA for design.
  • Nov. 21
  • Ian/SIO will draft a joint news release.
  • Nov. 28
  • SIFs will approve joint news release, and Ian will prepare with all logos.
December 2012
  • Dec. 3
  • Louise/RIAA will return the final design report for approval and signoff by SIFs.
  • Dec. 5
  • SIFs sign off on final report design.
  • Dec. 10
  • Louise/RIAA loads global report (in addition to local reports, if deemed appropriate) on to global website
  • Dec 11
  • Each SIF issues joint release locally, and handles local media



22 April

  • Update note to partners

  • Editorial meeting 13 8pm SAST

29 April

  • Editorial meeting 14 8pm SAST

6 May

  • Editorial meeting 15 8pm SAST

  • Draft 0 sent to project team

  • 8 may - slidedeck 1 to peer reviewers

13 May

  • Draft 1 sent to peer reviewers

  • Slidedeck 1 feedback

20 May

  • Draft 1 feedback received

  • Slidedeck 2 to peer reviewers

27 May

  • Draft 2 to external reviewers

3 June

  • Draft 2 feedback received

  • Slidedeck 2 feedback received

10 June

  • Draft 3 final to designers

17 June

  • Draft 3 final from designers

  • Begin distribtuion

  • Post to website