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 Why AfricaSIF.org Matters...
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The world's eyes were on Africa in late November - December 2011 as the UN FCCC COP 17 came to Durban, South Africa to try and set some rules for emissions. Looking back, 2010 was also a landmark year for Africa. With the world’s eyes having been on the FIFA World Cup 2010 and the need for massive infrastructure development. Africa has about the same number of potential consumers as India or China. 

AfricaSIF.org aims to attract new capital in new ways to Africa - investment that integrates environmental, social and governance factors. AfricaSIF.org is an independent, pan-African, not-for-profit network of investment practitioners who see AfricaSIF.org as a community of individuals and institutions that can help grow sustainable investment on the continent by taking a long-term interest in Africa’s economic development.  By working together, AfricaSIF.org members will increase the market for sustainable investment in Africa. 

Analysis in 2010 indicates approximately USD 10 trillion including USD 450 billion in emerging markets was invested integrating ESG factors. But how much of this sustainable investment is in Africa? The AfricaSIF.org vision is to ensure that the finance and investment sector practising their profession in/into Africa advances sustainable development through integrating ESG factors into all investment decisions. AfricaSIF.org will provide services and opportunities for our members to work together to align investment profitability with governance, social and environmental responsibility in Africa.

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Sustainable finance is at the top of the agenda for policy makers, asset owners, fund managers, adviser and corporations from across the value chain with UN FCCC COP 17 in Africa in Durban, South Africa in December 2011 and Rio+20 in Brazil in June 2012.
AfricaSIF.org has been a long time in the making. After years of developing the idea, the URL africasif.org was registered in February 2009. The AfricaSIF.org Project Steering Committee is building the AfricaSIF.org community of individuals and institutions active in the investment value chain. The first event in the AfricaSIF.org launch roadshow in Africa on 9 June 2010 was hosted by the largest stock exchange in Africa. In the global glare of the world attention as the FIFA World Cup came to Africa for the first time, we launched our network as a platform for providing answers supporting sustainable investment in Africa. 

Africa is the hub of future global investment; I see a time in the future when the whole world will focus on Africa for investment, we have lots of potential in Agriculture and energy, especially in the sub-Saharan Africa, AfricaSIF.org is well postioned to effect positive change in our continent

AfricaSIF.org matters because sustainable businesses are built off the back of good governance and sustainable strategy

We want to see Africa develop in a way that is good for its people in the long term.

It is important as it incorporates no financial factors ESG into investment decision making. For investors with long term horizons these issues can not be ignored. AfricaSIF.org's work is very essential.

Sustainability is about bringing together common views and solutions to sustainability and applying them to Africa's different contexts. AfricaSIF.org allows people to network to find replicable solutions for sustainability for Africa's diverse communities.

Africa continues to be the new frontier for corporate investment and social entrepreneurship. Bringing the best and brightest together will facilitate growth in this region.

Without sustainable investment growth and development in Africa will be hindered and in the long term everyone on the African continent will suffer.

As controllers of capital we can influence the way businesses affect their environments
This aspect of investing in Africa needs to be brought to the fore.

Empowering Africa to deliver itself.

We live in Africa, we are Africans, our future lies in Africa. We need to broaden our vision to encompass the continent and AfricaSIF.org offers a voice and a platform to promote ESG investment in Africa.

Teaching someone to fish is vital. My view, with respect, is that Africa has had people give fish. Its time to add value.

Africa desperately needs investment, so platforms like these are critical.

to promote sustainable economies in Africa and participate to Africa development.

Investors a role to play in ensuring companies operate in a sustainable manner, and a forum like AfricaSIF.org keeps investors conscious of the issue and the need to change.

It is imperative for Africa that we change how we do business and how we invest. Sustainability is the way forward.

Africa is developing at a rapid pace, and if investment steer that development towards more sustainable, lower ecological impact options, then that is much better for people, the environment and cheaper in the longer term for the countries involved.

Creates opportunities to help mainstream the imperatives.

Good governance is the key to improve Africa's economy.

To inform current and future investors.

The more people understand the better.

Sustainable investment is key to foreign investment in Africa.

Africa has huge potential and a great nature which must be protected.

Sustainable Investing is important to deal with the increasing social and economic issues that we face in our world, today.

Africa needs the right kind of investment in order to solve its social problems.

It is the right thing to do, especially if it makes business sense at the same time.

It's mission is core to our survival and we have a collective responsibility to ensure that sustainability considerations are at the heart of current and future investments.

A focus is needed on new methodologies that maximise the ongoing opportunities provided by Africa's abundance of natural resources, its huge consumer base and the potential for sustainable returns and real value add in bottom of the pyramid investments and food-, water-, energy, infrastructure- and social- security ventures.

its because sustainable investment in Africa leads to a more economical stable economy with a lot of potential positive outcomes socially, economically and to a lesser extent politically. Africa is a resourceful country therefore we need to maximise the use of resources.

As an African, I would like to see Africa becoming a great option as an investment destination.

Creating sustainable investing offers investment longevity in Africa and investor value

Africa needs long term sustainable FDI; i.e. focus needs to move away from get rich quick, Capital Intensive FDI that employs foreign skills while ignoring negative impacts on local communities.

The demand for socially responsible investing in South Africa and further afield on the continent is booming.

People from diverse backgrounds and disciplines coming together to help set the agenda for sustainable development in Africa; through ideas, developing thought leadership, participation, and becoming advocates for change.

A long term approach to projects in Africa is crucial for the continent’s health. Similarly, investment needs to be sustainable to uplift communities and to not do harm.

Because Africa matters more and more and sustainable investment would aid the economic momentum gained in Africa.

Sustainable investment in Africa is crucial in order to develop projects that are able to create ongoing shared value to communities who need it.

Currently, foreigners are net buyers of SA Bonds. Africa is where sustainable investment exists.

Long term sustainable investment in Africa is the logical approach to Global investors. We should be promoting this Globally.

In future there will only be this type of investment.

A moral imperative.

It matters because it will BEGIN to address the issues relating to the Environment, Social and Good Governance.

Savings beneficiaries & the voiceless need your intervention now in order to secure their future.

Africa is a 3rd world economy with great development and thus investment potential. This is why I believe a body like AfricaSIF is needed firstly to promote sustainable investment but also to manage and report on the progress made.

Crucial to ensure investment in Africa is managed in a strategic and sustainable manner - otherwise ends up in the bad hand out category.

Responsible investing is critical for SA's future.

Responsible investment is crucial for a sustainable future, the investment community and society, to ensure sustainable growth, must be concerned with social or environmental issues to the normal ones of risk and return as determinants of equity portfolio activity.

Overseas donors are sick of "throwing' funding at Africa and not knowing what happens to it.

Investment has to become sustainable--Measurement, Evaluation, transparency and accountability & report back have to be part of a sustainable journey

Sustainable investments in Africa are key for its development. Any initiative is welcome.

It is essential to ensure that what we do today will have positive impact for tomorrow. Promoting sustainable investment will go a long way to address possible future distraction of our resources.

  • "Sustainable investments are important to pension funds and retirement funds in a South African context, thus ensuring that member contributions are invested in a balanced, ethical and sustainable way embodying all aspects of of ESG. AfricaSIF is a perfect way of aligning thinking and ensuring a great platform to leverage off."

 Why AfricaSIF.org Matters...
Collected comments from AfricaSIF.org stakeholders...

"Sustainability- oriented investing is rapidly making its way to the core of investment thinking in many parts of the world, but has been slow to reach African shores where it can do the most good for people and precious natural resources. Africa's competitiveness may surpass all expectations if we are able to unleash sustainable investing on the continent. AfricaSIF finally brings the information and networks to make it happen." - Louise Gardiner, IFC consultant, Shenzhen, China and South Africa.

“AfricaSIF will provide the needed expertise that is required to ensure that investment delivers for human development while ensuring that the Natural Capital, that everything depends on, is preserved” - Stanley Nyoni, Natural Capital, Stockholm, Sweden and Zimbabwe.

"AfricaSIF facilitates the integration of ESG factors in Africa investments ensuring that progressive businesses and ideas are rewarded with investment capital, thus accelerating the pace of development in the region." - Ike Nwagbara, MIFFT 2010, London Business School, London and Nigeria.

"I strongly believe that through its mission to promote the systematic inclusion of environmental, social, and governance dimensions in the investment process; as well as through its Network / Knowledgebase / Advocacy structure, AfricaSIF will positively contribute to our continent's sustainable development." - Roselyne Yao, Research Analyst, JPS Global Investments, San Francisco, USA and Senegal.

"My past work and academic experience showed me the important role informed investing plays within international development. AfricaSIF creates a space where investors and practitioners can communicate and make responsible investment decisions, which will ultimately lead to more sustainable development." - Cathy Richards, MPA 2010, Monterey Institute of International Studies, California, USA.

“Through my previous work experience, I have become passionate about both economic development in Africa and sustainable investing. The AfricaSIF Project merges these interests in a unique way, and I am confident that the project will contribute to increasing both the quantity and quality of investment on the continent for years to come.” – Kelly Knorr, MBA 2010, Haas School at UC-Berkeley, California, USA.

“A think tank of professionals that dedicate their time and skill to advocate sustainable development (capital, infrastructure, education etc.) to meet the continents imperatives by providing thought leadership on ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) issues.” – Loyiso Mabece, ASISA [Association for Savings & Investment South Africa], Cape Town, South Africa.

"In order for sustainable investment to be a reality in Africa, transparency, collaboration and knowledge-sharing will be essential: this is what AfricaSIF offers. It is a multi-faceted resource that clearly articulates the value proposition of investment in Africa."Matt Stephenson, MBA Candidate 2011, The Wharton School of Business, Pennsylvania USA.

"AfricaSIF is a builder of Africa showcasing its potential, establishing and projecting its attractive form, through amongst others high quality data, an essential ingredient for sustainability to thrive.” - Mandisa Zungu, Old Mutual Investment Group South Africa [OMIGSA], Cape Town, South Africa.
VIEWPOINTS from Across Africa...
Collected comments from AfricaSIF.org stakeholders...

"The asset owners in the Principal Officers Association are increasingly driving alignment of their fund managers and service providers toward the sustainable investment theme. AfricaSIF is a new element of the investment ecosystem that will play a vital catalytic role across Africa in accelerating this process." - Wanjiru Kirima, chairperson of the Principal Officers’ Association and AfricaSIF co-founder at AfricaSIF launch at JSE on 9 June 2010.

"After decades of stagnation, Africa’s economies experienced a marked acceleration in growth during the past ten years. The magnitude of the continent’s development story is startling in its specifics and the opportunity it presents. What factors underpinned Africa’s growth and the continent’s prospects? The rate of return on foreign investment is higher in Africa than in any other developing region." "Global executives and investors must pay heed. The continent’s growth story isn’t entirely about the extractive industries. The region has already made great strides below the radar. It now stands to become the developing world’s next great success story." - McKinsey Quarterly, June 2010

"I have come here to Ghana for a simple reason. The 21st Century will be shaped by what happens not just in Rome or Moscow or Washington, but by what happens in Ghana as well. Development depends upon good governance. And that is a responsibility that can only be met by Africans" US President Barack Obama address to Ghanaian parliament July 2009. See video message on R. Nelson Mandela's birthday 2008 video.